Servant Leaders


The Anam Cara Community is served by a group of Servant Leaders, who together form the Community Leadership Group, which meets a number of times annually.

Servant leadership within the Community is mediated through people, gifted and called by God and commissioned by the Bishop and the Community to serve the Community.

The Community Soul Carer is appointed by the Bishop to guide and lead the Community with the support of the Community’s Leadership Group. Together the Servant Leaders are responsible to the Bishop for the good order, leadership, direction and care of the Community. The Servant Leaders appoint individuals to specific responsibilities, including a treasurer, newsletter editor, secretary, and other offices as required. Associates can be invited to the Community’s Leadership Group after a period of prayer and discernment from the Servant Leaders.

Servant Leaders  

Ms Jane Macqueen – Community Soul Carer, Sale.

Ms Kate Campbell – Treasurer, Sale.

The Rev’d David Head – Morwell.

Mrs Sue Hopkins – Secretary & Librarian, Yarram.

Ms Val Lawrence – Morwell.

Mrs Carolyn Raymond – Morwell.

The Rev’d Heather Toms – Rosedale.